WorkExpo Overview

WorkExpo is a database for use by teachers running work experience & school-to-work programs in Victorian schools.


Track Placements

Create placement records between students and employers. Track the placement and generate associated paperwork e.g. placement lists for staff, proformas for visiting teachers, letters to employers, mailing labels and more. See reports below.

Manage Paperwork

A central feature of the system is to provide many built-in reports, lists and letters. These can be customized to suit your needs and workflow. You can add your school's logo to paperwork for a more professional look. See report samples below.

Import Student and Employer Records

You can import student records from any database system into WorkExpo. If you have employer records stored electronically these may also be imported into the system. An import wizard simplifies the task.

Electronic Archive

WorkExpo provides ways to archive your information and manage it from year to year. At the end of eah year you can roll-over your data to allow the following year to be ready for new records..


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Main Menu Screen

Provides a starting point for navigation throughout WorkExpo. It is always easy to return to this menu at any time.

WorkExpo Students Screen

Here you can add, edit, delete, import and export student records. All details set out clearly. Simple and intuitive.

WorkExpo Employers Screen

Here you can add, edit, delete, import and export employer records. Find, sort and filter employer records.

WorkExpo Placements Screen

Here you can add, edit, delete, import and export placement records. Track placements quickly and easily.


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Placements List Report

Provides a listing of placements. Students can be filtered, grouped and sorted by any column in this list.

Block List Report

Provides an overview of your work experience block. Students with placements grouped by block week with further options.

Employers List Report

A listing of employer records. This list can be filtered, grouped and sorted according to preferences set within WorkExpo

Listing for Visiting Teacher

A list of visits for a visiting teacher. Teachers may also be provided with forms to report on student progress.

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