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Update WorkExpo Build
WORKEXPO UPDATE - Update your installed copy of WorkExpo to the latest version. 240616 Go to page
WorkExpo Full Version Build
WORKEXPO FULL VERSION (SETUP.EXE) - Includes all updates. (177MB) 240616 Download
WORKEXPO FULL VERSION FOR LAPTOPS (SETUP.EXE) - Includes all updates. (169MB) 240616 Download
NOTE: The Laptop version is identical to the full version but has smaller, low-resolution screens.
Technical Documentation for IT Support Staff
TECHNICAL NOTES - Notes for IT support staff. Installation, configuration and network setup. (PDF) Download
EXPORT - Exporting from CASES/COMPASS/ETC for import to WorkExpo - some tips and guidelines. (PDF) Download
IMPORT - Importing student records into WorkExpo - instructions and tips. (PDF) Download
FIELD NAMES - Full list of WorkExpo field names for student records. (PDF) Download
MAIL MERGE - Steps to using Workexpo with Microsoft Word's Mail Merge feature. (PDF) Download
END OF YEAR ROLLOVER - End Of Year rollover and archiving - How-to Guide. (PDF) Download
END OF YEAR ROLLOVER SLIDES - Archiving options in WorkExpo. (PDF) Download
WORKEXPO ADVANCED MATERIALS - Powerpoint presentation format. Download
User Documentation (For WorkExpo End Users)
USER MANUAL - User Manual PDF. Download
Evaluate WorkExpo
DOWNLOAD DEMO - Try WorkExpo for 60 days. Download
VIDEO OVERVIEW - For evaluation purposes. Watch on YouTube. Watch on YouTube
REPORT SAMPLES - Some sample reports for evaluation purposes. Download in PDF format. Download