Information about WorkExpo subscriptions


WorkExpo Subscription Information FAQ

When does my WorkExpo subscription expire?

A WorkExpo subscription lasts one year from date of purchase.
Updates, phone, email and remote desktop support are included during the subscription period.

Is software support included with my subscription?

Yes, when you subscribe to WorkExpo software support and updates are included for the full term of the subscription, typically 12 months. All software is downloadable. CD's are no longer provided.

Can I download the software after I purchase?

When you subscribe to WorkExpo, a link is provided to download the software. Please note that the downloadable WorkExpo installation media always contains the latest updates and patches.

Which WorkExpo licence should I choose?

Purchase the single user subscription if only one person will be using WorkExpo.

Purchase the two or more user subscription if you plan to share use of WorkExpo across your school's network.

Order the Multi-campus subscription if your campus extends to more than one site and you plan to use WorkExpo at both sites. Order the Multi-schools licence if you are an agent for several schools and will be using WorkExpo to track work experience at several different schools.

What is a WorkExpo 'Multi-School' licence?

A Multi-schools licence allows you to use WorkExpo independent of any nominated school or college. You can use WorkExpo to track work experience at several different schools. The Multi-Schools licence allows you to import student records from several different schools. It also allows you to group students by school for reporting or listing purposes.

Are upgrades included in my subscription?

Yes, updates and support are included for the duration of the subscription.

Does my licence include software training?

No, but training sessions are available on-line. A two-hour on-line training session will get you up and running quickly using WorkExpo. Costs for training are additional to software purchase costs. See price and book here: Book Training