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WorkExpo Order Information FAQ

When does my WorkExpo subscription expire?

Every new WorkExpo licence lasts one year from the date of order.
A WorkExpo subscription includes minor updates, phone and email support.
Costs for subscription renewal vary depending on licence. If you choose not to continue with your subscription your software will still continue to work, but you won't get and updates, new features, nerw forms and some advanced features are disabled.

Is software support included in the price?

Yes, when you purchase a WorkExpo subscription, updates are included for 12 months from the date of purchase..

Can only schools and colleges order WorkExpo?

WorkExpo is designed for Australian schools, colleges and educational organizations. If you do not belong to an Australian school, college or educational organization and want to order WorkExpo, please phone or email directly.

Can I download the software after I purchase?

When you subscribe to WorkExpo, a link is provided to download the software.
Please note that the WorkExpo ISO image always contains all the latest updates and patches.

Do I need a purchase order number to order a WorkExpo subscription?

No, a purchase order number is NOT required, but if you do provide one, it will appear on your Tax Invoice.

Can I get a trial version of the software?

Yes, you can download an evaluation version of WorkExpo and add your school details and student records. If you decide to proceed with the purchase your details and student records will still be available after unlocking the software to a full version. Download the ISO image from the Downloads page to get started.

Are there any other charges?

No, but WorkExpo training sessions are not included. Sessions cost $450 per person per day and include lunch. Check the Training page for more details.

Which WorkExpo subscription should I get?

Purchase the single user subscription if only one person will be using WorkExpo.

Purchase the two or more user subscription if you plan to share use of WorkExpo across your school's network.

Order the Multi-campus subscription if your campus extends to more than one site and you plan to use WorkExpo at both sites. Order the Multi-schools licence if you are an agent for several schools and will be using WorkExpo to track work experience at several different schools.

Can I get help installing the software?

Yes. The software installs automatically on any Windows machine and installation notes are included for IT personnel. If you need further assitance with installation or network configuration please contact Terry Chapman.

Are upgrades included in the purchase price?

Yes, when you purchase a subscription for WorkExpo updates and support are included.

You can think of it as a subsciption that is renewed every second year. Costs for subscription renewal vary depending on licence but are significantly cheaper than the inital purchase price. If you choose not to continue with your subscription your software will still continue to work, but you won't get updates, upgrades nor support.

Can I get training in the software?

Yes, training sessions are conducted from time to time at our city training rooms. A full day session, which includes lunch, will get you up and running quickly using WorkExpo. Costs for training are additional to software purchase costs.

What happens if I don't renew my subscription?

WorkExpo continues to work indefinitely. You can continue to add, delete or edit records, print forms, letters and generate documents but updates and support are not available. In addition, some advanced, rarely-used features are disabled over time.

Can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order please contact me by phone (03) 9531 1091.