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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Splitter do?

In simple terms, Splitter is a database table clean-up tool. The product is designed to separate names stored in a single field into separate components --first name, middle name, and last name etc.
The program handles prefixes, suffixes, and reverse names (such as 'Smith, Margaret'); it adjusts case and uses an editable database of names in order to assign a likely gender to each name.

A wizard steps you through the process and lets you choose whether to create the new fields within your current table or in a new table. In either case, your existing data is untouched. Splitter can assign a confidence rating to inform you of how accurate the split data is likely to be.

Can I get a trial version of the software?

Yes, you may download a demo of Splitter here.
The demo will work for a limited time and will process a limited number of records.
The demo version may be unlocked with a registration code purchased here.

How many records can Splitter process?

In demo mode there is a limit to the number of records Splitter can process. Once registered however, there's no upper limit to the number of records which may be processed.

Are there separate versions of Splitter for each separate version of Access?

Yes, each Splitter licence is tied to the corresponding Microsoft Access version you purchased for. This is because with each new release of Microsoft Access and Office, Splitter needs to be re-worked to ensure that changes to Microsoft Access do not interfere with Splitter. Such testing and re-working takes time.

This means that if you purchased a licence for Microsoft Access 1997 then you would need to purchase a new licence of Splitter for use with Microsoft Access 2013.

Does Splitter handle inverted names? e.g. Johnson, Deanna

Yes, Splitter can deal with inverted names. Even when inverted names are mixed with names formatted in the usual way.

Does Splitter clean up data as it processes names?

Yes, Splitter will remove leading and trailing spaces. It also optionally removes invalid and non-printing characters.

Can Splitter assign a gender to each record?

Yes, Splitter will look at the first name and assign a gender based on a user-defined list of first names. If a first name is not found Splitter will assign "unknown" instead. You can add or remove names to the lookup list Splitter uses.

Can Splitter handle company names mixed with regular human names in the same column?

Yes, you can add specific company names e.g. 'The Grange House' or company name elements e.g. 'Pty Ltd' to the Special Match lookup table. Later, during processing, any special matches are passed into a 'Special Match' field.
You can filter your results based on these matches. You can configure the column label as 'Company' or any other header you choose.

Can I use a dictionary approach to filter out certain records?

Yes, for example in a Healthcare Facility database company names may be mixed in the same column containing names of individual doctors. You can split or parse human names, but leave other entity names untouched or move them to a company or entity field.
A dictionary approach, using words such as INC. LLC HOSPITAL GENERAL METHODIST MEDICAL can be used. Splitter uses a 'Special Match' feature to isolate these entries and place them in a separate column.

Am I able to rename the Splitter-generated output field names?

Yes, you can rename the Splitter column names to any names you choose. In Splitter, choose Options / Processing / Fields To Include

Are updates and upgrades included in the purchase price?

When you purchase a licence for Splitter, minor updates and support are included. Your support lasts 90 days after purchase.
Major upgrades are not included. When a new version of Microsoft Office is released you will need to purchase a corresponding new version of Splitter.

Can I get training in the software?

Splitter has its own Help file and there are video demonstations available at this web site.

Can I specify just some of the Splitter output columns rather than including all of them?

Yes, you can specify which columns to include. For example, you may only wish to output First Name and Last Name only. In Splitter, choose Options / Processing / Fields To Include

Can I cancel my order after I have purchased?

If you wish to cancel your order please contact us by phone business hours AUSTRALIA time: +61 3 9531 1091.

Can I use Splitter programmatically?

Use our COM component Nameparser to parse names programmatically

Does Splitter work with Microsoft Excel or other Microsoft data products?

No, Splitter only works with Microsoft Access tables. Instead, try our companion product NameParser for working with data in any file format, including Microsoft Excel, Visual Studio and SQL Server. See Nameparser

What is meant by Splitter 'confidence'?

Not all records will be split properly. Some records are very difficult to split. For example: 'Mr Robert Richards Trustee for Mrs Julia Knight' would not be split properly.
This is because the record is not a name but a reference to a relationship between two people. Splitter will make an attempt to split the record but assign a low confidence to the result.
Each record is assigned a confidence rating. A confidence rating of 1 is high, a rating of 2 is low. Thus you sort the processed records by confidence level and, say, print a list of confidence level 2 records as an exception report.

Can Splitter work with SQL Server, DBF, FoxPro or Excel attached tables?

No, Splitter can only work with Microsoft Access tables. Instead, try our companion product Nameparser for working with data in any file format.

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