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Download NameParser zip file (4MB). Digitally signed by Info Plan Sofware.

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Source Code

NameParser Source Code

Download NameParser Source Code (25MB).

Digitally signed by Info Plan Sofware.

The NameParser Visual Basic 6.0 source code is available as an alternative to the compiled version of NameParser. You will be provided with *all* source code for NameParser, including all modules and Visual Basic code without restriction. You purchase the code 'as is' to do with what you wish with the exception of re-selling the source code.

Info Plan Software guarantees that the code is not altered in any way and is identical to that used in the sale product.

A registration code will be provided which will unlock the demo version of NameParser. The source code itself will be available for download immediately after placing your order with Paypal. A link will be provided immediately after purchase.

For less technical name parsing try our companion product Splitter which provides a simple-to-use wizard which supports Microsoft Access.

NameParser Source: for software developers and coders.


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